Tiva Starter Kit

4,100.00 3,950.00

Tm4c123gh6pm x1
1602A lcd + male header x 1
Data cable x 1
102 breadboard x 1
Jumper wires x(20m-m)+(20f-m)



• Tiva TM4C123GH6PGE with 256KB
internal Flash and 144-LQFP with
105 GPIOs for excellent prototyping
• 96×64 color OLED display providing
useful output and interface options
• USB Micro-AB for prototyping USB
OTG applications
• microSD card slot for data storage
• 5-mm screw terminals for external
analog inputs and CAN signals
• Precision 3.0-V reference for accurate
analog-to-digital conversion
• Temperature sensor
• 9-axis motion sensor that includes
a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis
gyroscope and 3-axis magnetometer
for motion and position tracking
• All I/Os brought out to headers for
easy prototyping
• Five user/navigation buttons
(including select/wake) for user input
• One user LED
• CAN transceiver
• 10-pin JTAG header providing
standard debug interface
• Debug out capability with minor
modifi cations


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